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January 2009 / Kimani Romance / ISBN-10: 0373860994 / ISBN-13: 978-0373890999
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Every good girl deserves to be a little bit wicked…

Biologist Brenda Everton has excelled in a man’s world—often at the expense of her personal life. When she receives an invitation to join The Black Stockings Society, her first impulse is to throw it away, until she starts to wonder just what kind of fun she’s been missing…

Now, donning a sequined pair of seamed black stockings, Brenda’s taking a meeting with her ex-husband, wealthy entrepreneur Dominic Ayers. Dominic has learned there’s a lot more to life than work…and one glimpse of Brenda makes him realize how much he wants to teach her all about letting loose, listening to her heart, and finding out whether passion can strike twice…

“Book three of the Black Stockings Society is the best yet!” Romantic Times Bookreviews

Suddenly, she heard his voice and footsteps. Dominic rarely entered a room quietly and once inside one couldn’t help but stare at him. He was as magnificent as a mountain and just as majestic, but his movements were not refined and people easily made the assumption that he came from the backwoods of Canada instead of one its prestigious cities. Brenda knew it was all an act that he used to mislead people to give himself the advantage. When he wanted to, he could move with the noiseless steps of a fox hunting its prey or act as cultured as a prince.

His biography said he’d immigrated to America at fifteen. The truth was that he’d run away to live with an aunt.

Brenda knew she had to disappear before he saw her. She couldn’t handle talking to him now. When they had been together they were either fighting or making love. He was the one person who could make her lose her cool. She couldn’t afford to, not here. Brenda darted into the next room where the buffet table stood. She lifted a plate, knowing she couldn’t eat anything, but needing something to do.

She set the plate down when she heard familiar footsteps come closer. She silently swore. Of course he’d head to the buffet table. The man could eat it clean, although his muscular physique gave no indication of that.  There wasn’t an inch of fat on him; he was as solid as marble. She disappeared behind a large palm and watched Dominic and Franklin enter. Neither man appeared to notice the other. Franklin’s presence didn’t surprise her. He would want to be here to console Madeline’s family in case there were photographers. She lost sight of Dominic but saw Franklin talking to Madeline’s mother and father.

“Are you hiding from me?” a deep voice said behind her.

January 2009 / Kimani Romance / ISBN-10: 0373860994 / ISBN-13: 978-0373890999
buy at barnes&noble.com - buy at amazon.com

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